Professional Resume Writing Service, Member of and Certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers
Professional Resume Writing Service, Member of and Certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers
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It's a new year!  Is it also time for you to take that next step that launches you into a new career?



Think of your resume as your “industrial dating profile.”  Just like those who are on the major dating sites like E-Harmony and, hiring managers want to know more than just your contact information, where you worked, and where you went to school. They want to know about the person behind the data. In fact, if your resume does not have some key words and phrases that the company is looking for in the resumes they review, it will be deleted by an Applicant Tracking System filter that scans for those words and phrases before a person ever sees it.



Companies want to know about the person behind the data, because as good as credentials might be, there are lots of other candidates who have equally impressive skills, experience, and education.   When you give them that information, you go from the tall stack of resumes to the very short stack, and I like those odds a lot better.  I have a list of Critical Skills for Business that I can send to you, and you can select the qualities that best describe you in the workplace and send that list back to me.



Your resume (and a great cover letter) have only one purpose, and that is to help you get an interview with someone who does not know you.  If you already know someone in the organization, that’s a lot better than having a resume!  However, if your resume is the only way you can get someone’s attention, it better be a great one to make you stand out from the crowd rather than blending into it.


That’s what I do…I help people separate themselves from everyone else who is seeking the same job you are pursuing.  I do not use templates.  Every resume I build is customized for the individual client.



Your resume will stand out if it meets these essential guidelines:


1. It is organized in an orderly format and is easy to read.



2. It gives the reader an introductory summary that says who you are and describes your objective.



3. It has no grammatical, spelling, or word usage (to, too, two...there, their, they're) errors.



4. It gives evidence of your skills and experience to establish credibility.  Most people have skills that are transferable from one job to another...things like organization, creativity, and attention to detail, to name a few.



5. It reveals something about the person behind the data that helps the reader think that you are someone they could enjoy being on their team.



Most resumes do not meet all five of these criteria.



Contact us at (512) 422-8258 or by email at  Send your resume to us for a free review!


"Hello Ken,


I've applied for several positions using the resume you updated for me and was asked to interview with every company.

However, even better news is that one of the companies that I targeted called me yesterday with a offer for a management position with a substantial raise from my previous salary with ________. Can't thank you enough. Enjoy your holidays!!!"



"Ken Murdock of New Wave Resumes provided me with the assistance and counsel I needed in crafting, rewriting and reformatting my resume. I have had two completely different unrelated careers and was not sure what to do about this particular issue. I am very pleased with the time he spent learning about my objectives, his advice and insights about the job marketplace in general and the final resume. I would highly recommend his service to anyone who needs help with their resume/cover letter."      

Nanette B.                                       


"Mr. Murdock was quick and very responsive with any questions or feedback that I had. He was able to put my background of various positions together in a concise way that made sense and looks great on paper. I am very happy with the resume and with the experience that I had with new Wave Resumes and I would highly recommend using their services and I would use them again if need be."                                             

Leticia C. 





One page résumé for entry-level and clients with less than one year of experience





One page résumé for mid-level clients that have been in the workplace for less than three years






One page résumé for middle and upper-level clients who already have an interview set up and just need a document to take with them to the interview.


$95 - $199


Executives seeking salaries greater than $100K 


$149 - $249


Cover Letter (ordered with résumé, $29, any time after $49)




Updates/modifications are no charge for the first six months, after six months >

$35 - $149


Your resume is your billboard to the world of prospective employers.  Don't settle for less than the best! Ken Murdock, owner of New Wave Resumes, CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer by the Professional Association of Resume Writers)
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